Upcoming Dates & Locations

(Please note: some of these presentations are private. If you would like to attend a presentation at a location you are not normally associated with, please contact the host first. Guests are not allowed for school presentations.)

May 19 – All Ontario Youth Convention, Waterloo, ON
May 20 – Pitch’N’Praise, Paris, ON
May 23 – Calvary Baptist Church, Guelph, ON
May 28 – Lakeside Church, Guelph, ON
June 2 – Bethel Baptist Church, Strathroy, ON
June 6 – Huron Heights Secondary School, Kitchener, ON
June 16 – Guelph YFC Mental Health Training Day, Guelph, ON
June 28 – YFC National Ministry Conference, Princeton, BC

More dates to come!

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