Andrew Nunn, Pastor of Student Ministries, Forward Church, Cambridge, ON

I’ve been in student ministry for almost 15 years and sat through countless presentation on mental health and suicide. Mark’s presentation is the most helpful I have heard. It was practical, honest, helpful and informative. We’ve had a number of students struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and Mark’s presentation gave my leaders exactly what they needed. If you’re in youth ministry, bring him in for this talk.

Stacey Schat, Youth Programs Coordinator, YWCA Muskoka

Mark was recently a keynote speaker for our event addressing the stress youth face today. He is relatable, clearly understands the youth perspective, and openly shared his personal experiences.  He offers a solution based perspective, offering parents resources to help their children.  He was engaging, funny, and thoughtful in his approach.  I highly recommend him!

Henk Nobel, Principal, Emmanuel Christian High School

Mark’s presentation for our students was received by his teenaged listeners, with attentiveness, keeping them engaged throughout.  This speaks towards the quality of his presentation.  It was clear, honest and useful.  I would recommend this to any group of high school age students.

Olivia Bronson, Change Conference, Canadian Youth Network

Mark led a breakout at our youth event, Change Conference. His room was packed and the students were completely engaged throughout his entire presentation. Mark was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Barbara Wilson, Teacher, Southwood Secondary School

Mark’s presentation is exceptional. It is personal and relevant. He validates students’ ideas, interacts with them in a supportive way, and provides practical tools to help them manage their own mental health. Highly recommended!

Rodney Evans, Teacher, John F. Ross CVI

Mark was open, honest, blunt, and down to earth with the students. He kept the students engages & provided them with meaningful help & information dealing with difficult topics. Great addition to a mental health unit.

Pam Monrad, Teacher, Centennial CVI

Mark is very knowledgable and shares his personal experience as well as provides facts and relevant information. He kept my class engaged and left them with material they could use for themselves or a friend.

Kayla Goodhoofd, MSW, RSW, King’s Christian Collegiate, Oakville, ON

Mark provides a wonderful, biblical perspective on mental health. What stood out to us was his sincerity and compassion (for others and self) when speaking with our students. He provides helpful tips for how we can strive for wellness individually, and as a school by helping our peers, creating more conversation/awareness. Awesome all-around!

Matt Ritchie, Teacher, Preston High School

Mark’s presentation is a direct and honest talk that looks to break down the stigma of mental health. He gives teens an understanding of how to deal with their own mental health and help others who are struggling.

Kim Notarfranco, Head of Phys. Ed., Elmira District Secondary School

It is obvious that Mark cares about youth & teens, and their mental well-being. He talks candidly about a wide range of mental health issues and clinical mental health disorders. His talk reminds all of us that our role is not to fix, but to listen, be there, and connect & care for each other and our community.