High School Mental Health Education

High School Mental Health Education
(1 hour) (Grades 9-12) (Public or private schools)

This one hour, non-religious, interactive presentation is designed to address issues of mental health, in particular those highlighted in the 2015 Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum.

This presentation has been vetted and approved by the mental health lead for the Waterloo Region District School Board, and has been booked over 50 times by nine different high schools in the area.

The presentation combines personal experience with professional practice, and focuses on:
– Defining & understanding mental illness, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts
– Learning through personal stories
– Developing mental health strategies and community supports
– Providing peer support tools, including how to help a suicidal friend
– Finding local resources for mental health support
– Q&A

It is geared towards public high school classrooms, but can be adapted for elementary schools, assemblies, or churches.

For schools within the Waterloo Region and Grand Valley (Guelph) boards, I can offer this presentation completely free of charge, due to the cost being covered by some generous individuals.

To inquire about this presentation, please fill out the form below.

“Mark is a down to earth speaker who uses his personal experiences to bring attention to the issues of mental illness. His use of video and power point presentations, complement his message in a way that appeals to students. Creating awareness about the stigmas attached to mental illness, and providing some strategies for dealing with depression and suicide are his main objectives.”
—Laurie Baulcomb, Teacher, Preston High School, Cambridge

“It is obvious that Mark cares about youth & teens, and their mental well-being. He talks candidly about a wide range of mental health issues and clinical mental health disorders. His talk reminds all of us that our role is not to fix, but to listen, be there, and connect & care for each other and our community.”
—Kim Notarfranco, Head of Phys. Ed, Elmira DSS, Elmira

“Mark’s mental health presentation is excellent, authentic, and full of valuable information. I would encourage every teen to hear Mark’s story.”
—Kim Jones, Teacher, Preston High School, Cambridge

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