Darkest Nights & Living Lights (My Story)

Darkest Nights & Living Lights: My story of hope in depression, anxiety, and suicide
(30-60 minutes) (Youth, adults, or parents; also available in a high school assembly format)

This personal presentation is geared towards students, youth groups, or churches, and focuses on hope in the midst of pain. It explains the basics of mental illness and suicide, explores health strategies and community supports, and provides peer support tools, particularly regarding helping those at risk of suicide. It can be geared towards students, youth groups, adults, or parents. For church contexts, this presentation also includes a Christian scriptural approach to mental health .

This link is a sample version of my handout, with numerous resources & support lines for mental health & suicide. For a presentation, I will send a localized & updated version for printing.

Download Youth Handout PDF

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