If you’re here, chances are you’ve met me. But in case you haven’t, here’s a little bit about me:mark-stromenberg-headshot-1

  • I grew up in Nova Scotia and small-town Ontario
  • I am a PK (pastor’s kid)
  • I attended Heritage College & Seminary
  • I’m the Drop-In & Guys Ministry Director with Guelph Youth For Christ, and formerly worked with Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited for six years
  • I am the former creator and director of Brierdale Recording & Productions
  • I formerly served as the Young Adults pastoral leader at Calvary Pentecostal Assembly in Cambridge
  • I am a speaker & trainer, particularly on critical issues in youth culture and mental health, and have recently joined the Hashtag Hope team
  • I am a LivingWorks certified ASIST suicide intervention skills trainer
  • I’ve been working and volunteering in youth ministry for over ten years
  • And I’m married to a girl named Ashley, who is both more beautiful and more intelligent than me.

Mark & Ashley

Eclectic would be a good word to describe me. My iTunes library has over 20,000 songs from nearly every genre. I’ve grown up in Catholic, Baptist, Reformed, and Pentecostal circles, and as a result, everyone disagrees with me on something. However, I strongly appreciate Shane Claiborne’s view of receiving the best of each Christian tradition. This diversity has given me a broad view of the Christian community, and the ability to connect with those who’s experience differs from mine.

All my life, I’ve had a strong desire to help those who are hurting. I’ve been working with children and teenagers for fifteen years, since I was a teenager myself. Through my time at YFC (Youth For Christ), I’ve ended up focusing on working with teenagers struggling with depression & suicide, and with teens within the LGBTQ community. I’m an avid reader and have learned a thing or two in my time, but have found that my focus areas tend to come out of my own life story. I also do a bit of speaking/preaching/training, largely as a youth speaker or a resource on suicide & mental health.

Music is also a passion of mine. Through my job, I developed a music program that included organizing concerts, teaching lessons, and running a recording studio.

It’s my hope that this blog will be more than just ramblings, though I do tend to process things verbally and through writing. My hope is that when the chaff that is me falls away, there will be a few nuggets of wisdom, a few healthy words of correction, and some life-giving encouragement.

I am also seeking more opportunities to speak and train. If that is something you may be interested in, you can find out more HERE.