07 – Jon Binder & Leaving Youth Ministry

It’s a Canadian Youth Ministry Podcast!
What do you do when you feel called OUT of youth ministry? What do you do when your passion drifts? How do we leave something without losing our identity? With Jon Binder! 

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Promise Church (Bradford, ON):

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Published by Mark Stromenberg

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2 thoughts on “07 – Jon Binder & Leaving Youth Ministry

  1. thanks for this…the conversation opened my eyes to my situation and to what jon went through i’m doing that now with my thinking youth and only youth was for me without looking or at least listening to other ideas…again despite what happened with me I think I was entrapped in the ” youth ” and was slowly not being as productive as I was…now don’t get me wrong I do miss the kids both at church and drop-in and the other leaders and retreats ..but I think right now I am in sync with what god is leading me to…

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