06 – Jeremy Brydges & the Value of Sabbatical

It’s a Canadian Youth Ministry Podcast!
How do I take a sabbatical? Is it more than just a vacation? Why is taking a break important? With Jeremy Brydges!

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Published by Mark Stromenberg

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One thought on “06 – Jeremy Brydges & the Value of Sabbatical

  1. welcome back I have missed the pod-casts….listening to Jeremy I felt at times that I was listening to me..how unconventional I handled things…how I felt I to use his word sucked at times and even though I thought this is where god wanted me maybe it wasn’t…I miss the youth I was involved with both at yfc and the church but for now I am where I should be so as not to cause any more problems for everybody involved…I’m glad to see that there are people involved with youth who aren’t polished and perfect because like was said the youth can see right through it so being genuine is the best and only way to be……thanks again for being back on ….

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