05 – Rob Kropf & Mentoring In the Church

It’s a Canadian Youth Ministry Podcast!
How do we mentor teenagers? How do I survive in this church? What happens when you fill the baptismal tank with Jello? With Rob Kropf!

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Published by Mark Stromenberg

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One thought on “05 – Rob Kropf & Mentoring In the Church

  1. this was great..opened my eyes to things that I should have done better..also put a spark in me where the parents need to be brought up to speed with their youth and youth in general so that thereis a commonality not only at church but at home as well which in turn would hopefully keep the kids interested in the church and what church has to offer in the long term for them. I also think older with younger is needed as well so that all sides of life can be seen by the youth in the church and outside of the church also..

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