Act I – Volunteering with Youth For Christ in Strathroy
Act II – Volunteering with YFC in Cambridge
Act III – On staff with YFC in Cambridge
Act IV – On staff with YFC in…GUELPH!

I’m very excited to announce that today was my first day as the Drop-In & Guys Ministry Director with Youth For Christ/Youth Unlimited in Guelph!

Beginning today, I have stepped into the awesome and exciting (and slightly scary) responsibility of helping to grow and expand the ministry of YFC in Guelph. My focus over the next few years will be to build up new leaders, create and expand programming and outreach, and to speak and train on issues of mental health & suicide, by bringing hope to the hurting and equipping the helper. I’m sorry I cannot give a lot of details of what that will look like yet, but that is one thing that has drawn me: this opportunity to create something new, through dreaming and praying and partnering and planning and trying and failing and learning.

For about the last two years, I have sensed that my time with Cambridge YFC was drawing to a close. And though it has been hard for me to leave the friends and the ministry there, I have seen God lay out a new opportunity. A chance to be challenged, a chance to grow, a chance to create something new.

Sometimes, it’s hard to leave a place and a thing you enjoy. But one thing God has spoken to me clearly on in the last two years: I cannot grow in comfort, and when I choose to remain where I am comfortable, God will move out of my comfort zone, not to harm me, but out of His love for me and desire to see me grow into all that He has for me.

And so, with the beginning of a new month, I am beginning a new act in my involvement with Youth For Christ and local missions.

YFC ministry doesn’t exist in a vacuum; I need partners and investor and co-labourers for this to happen. As a missionary, I raise 100% of my salary and benefits. So, without your support, this ministry does not exist. If you care about young people, if you appreciate that I share my story of suicide and hope, if you want to help me to grow others, will you partner with me on a monthly basis? I am looking to raise an additional $800 a month so that I can begin, full-time, as quickly as possible.

Thank you to each of you who have supported, encouraged, invested in, and challenged me. I would not be here without it; you have been the very hands and feet and voice of Jesus to me.

So here’s to a new season. Here’s to new challenges. And here’s to the excitement of anticipating what God is going to do through us!


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One thought on “YFC Act IV

  1. just so you know ( also left message on fb chat ) monthly donation set up for Guelph ministry of $50.00 per month…figured you need it there….good luck and in my prayers and I know you will do fine…

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