Running, Drifting, Chasing the Wind

“Anytime the world sees you as just one thing, it’s exhausting, because you aren’t just one thing, and it’s very difficult to have to constantly meet someone’s expectations. Someone’s simplistic, less than complexly-human definition of personhood, is exhausting to have to live inside.”
– John Green

There’s an unavoidable, honest, deep-felt sigh that follows when someone finally says, “You look tired.” It’s as if your soul, delighting in being finally uncovered, joyously betrays the ‘I’m good’ lie you just spoke in obligatory reply to the ‘Hello’ with which you were greeted. Our personal rat-races are built on such deceptions – meant to convey sincerity and care, but mostly just regulated to the realm of polite, social etiquette.

Productivity, my Stockholm lover;
Verily, your name is weariness.

If Christ came to set the captives free, then why does fervor oft feel naught of freedom and more of chains?

“Come to me, all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest for your souls.”
– Jesus

Too often do I confuse fervor with faith. Too easily do I confuse involved with intimate.
Too often do I choose hectic over holy. Too easily do I choose knowledge over knowing.

Vanity, vanity, says the teacher. Two hands full of toil, the wind striving after.
The world is a fucked up place, to which I am both stranger and lover.
To draw near to listen is better; to eat, to drink, to enjoy one another.

“I heard your heart say love, love, love.”
– Dave Baxter

How I long to long to sit at the feet of the Teacher and play for an audience of One.

Published by Mark Stromenberg

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